Welcome To Organic Hippy Hosting SHH!!

Welcome to the Organic Hippy Hosting SHH!! home page

We are the best web hosting company on the net. Why do we say this because we are hippies here and are happy people. This is because we are an equal rights, fair wage, and just over all an awesome place to work. We are happily created by a physically disabled human who would like to see human be treated more as people in the work environment rather that robots. Our people are happy to be with us as we treat each other like we all want to be treated. A happy employee makes a helpful employee. 

We are also a green company as much as possible. We recycle in our office space. We either have or rent/lease web servers from hosting companies' that use green energy and have a sustainability programs in place. We have one and are always looking for ways to improve.

Enough about our interworkings.

Why host with Us??

We have fast green servers with 99% uptime. We do our best to make sure we have the best servers for you to host on. Just because we are hippies doesn't mean we don't do technology. In fact we here at Organic Hippy Hosting are also computer nerds and love working on stuff like this.

Please note we are still under construction and our client area is located here: https://clientarea.organichhs.com/